Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Introduction - Quick, Healthy, Yum.


My name is Carissa, or "Rizz".

I love food. A little bit too much. But, I also love being healthy. It makes me feel good.
When I'm unhealthy, I'm tired, lazy, unmotivated etc...
Food really is fuel for your body and your mind, and I love it.

SO, I also love cooking, but I don't like spending ages on preparation and cooking. When I'm hungry, I just want to eat. And I also work a lot. Like, a lot. I run several businesses, I'm always on call, and often stressed, so cooking and enjoying food is a little pleasure of mine.

I also like to share my creations with others, like a proud mother. Currently just my facebook friends see all my food stuff, which some are probably pretty sick of seeing, but whatever.

I do mainly try and concentrate on lean, clean eating, although I don't stick to it 100% because:

A) I love all food and believe everything is Ok in moderation.

B) I'm not a body builder or figure competitor or model, and although I often dislike the small amount of fat I do have, I'm not prepared to give up things I love to get rid of it all together. As long as I'm healthy and happy :)

So, watch this space, as I'm going to share with you some healthy and tasty creations you can make in no time!

Rizz xx