Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spicy Anti-Bloating Tea

A slice of ginger, a wedge of lemon (squeezed) a shake of cayenne pepper and some crushed coriander seeds - put all in a cup and fill with boiling water - surprisingly delicious, spicy and healthy tea, which helps to get rid of bloating x

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweet & Salty & Spicy - Bacon Chicken Skewers!

I think I saw this on pinterest, not really all that healthy but it's definitely quick and yum!!!

Cut a chicken breast in strips and wrap bacon around them, thread a skewer thru each one to secure.

Sprinkle them all with brown sugar, salt & chilli flakes - enough to add flavour but not too much - bacon is already salty remember.

Turn the skewers in the coatings that missed them and then grill to perfection, I use my breville double sided grilly thing. It's sloped so the fat drains out and heat adjustable too.

Serve on salad... Yum yum yum!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Gluten Free French Toast!

This was so quick and easy and delicious! I used one large fresh organic egg, one piece of gluten free, yeast free bread. Preheat a fry pan with a bit of rice bran oil. My bread was frozen so I microwaved it 20secs to soften it up. Crack egg into a bowl, cut bread into 3 bits and put them in the bowl, soak in the egg on both sides and add a little salt & pepper. Once pan is hot and bread is eggy - tip the bread into the pan, any leftover egg can get poured on top. Cook a few minutes per side, until golden brown, then remove from heat and eat! I put some fresh basil and a bit more pepper on top. Took about 5-10mins all up. Yummo!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eggplant Burgers Recipe! Gluten Free!

I had no idea what to make for lunch so I whipped out some leftover mince, some bok choy, tomato & eggplant.. Hmm.. Let's try to make burgers using eggplant in place of the bread..

I mixed garlic, chilli & an egg into the mince, mixed it all up and grilled flattened dollops on both sides until golden (burger patties).. I lightly cooked a bit of bok choy in the pan while the burgers were cooking (2-3mins for bok choy). Then removed burgers from pan and add sliced eggplant.

Eggplant should be rinsed first and salted. I used a pinch of veggie salt on either side of the eggplant slices. I turned the pan heat up and grilled until nice and brown. Eggplant will taste funny if not cooked properly.

Once all cooked I layered it up, added some cottage cheese & pepper and a dash of chilli sauce and viola.. Nice healthy lunch with a twist.

Soft Boiled Gourmet Eggs breakfast recipe - gluten free

This was amazing and also so pretty to look at. Decided I wants my egg soft boiled this morning, accompanied by some fried chilli, garlic, red onion, fresh coriander & silverside (which I never actually buy or use but we had some leftover in the fridge). You could use bacon / ham / chicken / beans.. Whatever..

For the perfect soft boiled egg - bring water to the boil and add your eggs, time at exactly 4 minutes then remove from heat and drain boiling water. Add cold water and some ice cubes to the saucepan to cool the eggs and leave to cool down while u prepare the rest of the meal.

I fried up the rest of the stuff in some rice bran oil and then served with some avocado slices and once the egg was peeled and sliced open (half way to let the yolk out) I added some black pepper and spring onions / eschallots to garnish.

Serve with toast or gluten free bread if you like, I'd already had a fresh made fruit juice before this so didn't need it.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Delicious 'McDonalds' tasting healthy burger patties/rissoles recipe -gluten free

I experimented with this one and it turned out to be a completely surprising taste bud explosion. After the first bite I said to my partner "This tastes like McDonalds"! We both then tucked in greedily and were left quite satisfied and smug looking. Tasty tasty tasty...

Now for you to try it - adjust recipe according to people served. I served 2.

250g lean beef mince
1 x dill pickle
2 x anchovies (if you like them)
Veggie Salt / Black Pepper / Garlic Salt
1 egg
Worcestershire sauce
1Tbs rice bran or olive oil
Fresh or dried parsley

1) beat egg & oil in bowl until combined.
2) add one large pinch veggie salt, a dash of black pepper, a couple of shakes of garlic salt (could use minced fresh garlic instead) & parsley - mix in well.
3) finely dice one large pickle & anchovies and mix into the mixture.
4) finally add the mince and mix thru all ingredients until well combined.
5) heat some more oil in a pan and when hot, add the mixture in dollops and flatten slightly with a fork. Once slightly cooked, add a dash of worcestershire to the top of each one .
6) After a few mins, flip the patties over and cook the other side until nicely browned on both sides. Cut one open to check if cooked through.
7) serve with a salad or bread or whatever you like. I used a 4 leave mix salad with some chopped walnuts & fresh lime juice (the best salad dressing), and a few cherry tomatoes.
8) Nom it all down.