Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Lose Weight QUICKLY & Healthily!!

This worked for me, it may not work for you, but I reckon it probably will. It's a little bit hard if you are used to eating whatever you want, whenever you want, BUT it will definitely help you shed those unwanted kilo's and force you to eat a healthier diet.

 1) NO GLUTEN - even if you are not intolerant, check ingredients on everything you eat and avoid anything with flour or wheat in it. This also forces you to give up bread, wraps, cakes, sweets, pastries, sauces etc. I cut out gluten at the start of the year and lost kg's every week. Rice, Grains & Sweet Potato are great to get your carbs from, just keep the portion small and stock up on veggies.

 2) NO DAIRY - yep, don't do it. No milk in your coffee or smoothies, or try soy milk, almond milk, rice milk etc - this was hard for me at first but I now really enjoy the flavour of a coffee without milk. Don't add cheese to anything. For your calcium, get it from lots of green veggies like spinach and take vitamins daily. The only dairy I still will eat is: cottage cheese / natural yoghurt & sometimes fetta/haloumi/parmesean

 3) NO ADDED SUGAR - This is a big one, almost everything you eat that comes out of a packet has added sugar, check the ingredients, not the nutritional info, the ingredients - it's almost always the second ingredient on the list. Just practicing this ONE rule alone and sticking to it will make a massive difference really quickly.

4) DON'T STARVE YOURSELF - If you are eating clean and healthy, stop counting calories and going without food, have a big breakfast, eat lots of food regularly throughout the day, nuts, fruit & hardboiled eggs are great to snack on and keep you going, drink lots of water & tea, like they say - aim for 5-6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism pumping. If you can't do this - breakfast, lunch and dinner with some nuts or fruit & tea & coffee in between. For a sweet desert if you need it - try mashing a banana with some cinnamon - or natural yoghurt mixed with chocolate protein powder..

 So I bet your asking yourself now - well what the hell am I going to eat if I cut out all of that? A damn healthy diet thats what!! If you can make the above changes slowly (not drastically) you will look and feel amazing for the rest of your life. No more bloating, farting, indigestion, constipation, diahorrea, whatever.. For ideas and recipes of things that I cook and eat - follow this blog and/or my youtube channel, where I film recipes that come out of my brain, and sometimes sing a song about the process to make it more interesting.. yep, I'm a little bit of a weirdo but aren't we all :)

 Cheat / Takeout meals for me consist of Hot Chips w no sauce (not often but it's my junk food of choice) & Sushi - just stick to 1 or 2 rolls and aim for fresh avocado & salmon etc and not the deep fried tandoori chicken (gluten and sugar in the coating and the sauce). When eating out at restaurants, the gluten free options are usually delicious and healthy.

 HEALTHY FOOD DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BORING!! Stock yourself up on heaps of herbs and spices, and add them to your meats and veggies instead of sauces. Add cottage cheese to things while you cook them to add thickness (like a sauce). Use lots of garlic, ginger, fresh herbs like basil, parsley, coriander - so healthy and so delicious!A current favourite of mine is adding curry powder to vegetables - SO GOOD.

 EXERCISE!! I'm not a massive fan of exercise, but I love the way it makes me look and feel - a 30-40min power walk EVERY DAY is all you need accompanied by the above food rules to help that fat come off gradually and healthily. Try and walk before breakfast on an empty stomach for the best results. Mix in a short jog / run once or twice during your walk to burn fat quicker. Do some squats / lunges / push ups / sit ups at home every second day, you don't need to do 100 of them, 10 of each every second day is still something and it helps to tone your muscles and also burn fat :)

And last of all - don't beat yourself up if you give in to the above restrictions every once in a while - just accept that you did and be healthy at your next meal choice. Every now and then I just can't say no to a cappuccino or latte - I just have skim milk and no sugar. It's delicious, but it still makes me bloat and fart. But sometimes it's worth it. Sometimes :)

 Anyway - good luck on your journey, I hope to keep you inspired with my creations xoRizz.

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