Monday, March 18, 2013

Stuffed Brussel Sprouts - Delicious, Quick, Healthy & Clean

Now this one is thanks to a youtube channel and blog I found called 'cooking stoned' - definitely look him up, some awesome recipes and cooking tips!

I was at the fresh food markets on Sunday and bought brussel sprouts, which I havn't eaten in years, but  wanted to give a go as I know how good they are for you. So rich and dense in vitamins! (hence the strong flavour that many people don't like)

So, I followed the directions - cut off the ends, cut them down the middle, put them cut side down into boiling water for about 5mins, and then cut out the middle, which was super duper easy...

While they were boiling I mixed up a filling (I just pulled random ingredients from my kitchen, trying to keep it really clean and healthy, but you really could put ANYTHING in them!) I would love to try a cheesy bacon filling (and then toast them under the griller) - but I'm being quite health conscious at the moment, so no cheese and bacon for me...

Anyway - I mixed up some cottage cheese, basil pesto, fresh corriander & chopped walnuts in a bowl, and then added it to the freshly boiled and hollowed out sprouts, and surprisingly, without knowing how this would taste, they were super duper easy, quick, tasty and amazing!

I am certainly going to make many more variations of these in the future and they would make a wonderful entree or snack at parties - warm or cold!

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