Thursday, January 12, 2012

Health kick!

Have been pretty lazy lately, not going to the gym or eating quite right.. Has been the silly season of too many parties, food, drinking & sleeping.

Today i decided I was sick of my inner thighs rubbing together, I need to lose 4kg to get back down to my comfortable weight.

So I had breakfast: 1 x banana + crushed ginger (from a tube), blended with water & ice.

Later had a protein shake (1 scoop protein mixed with water)

Then went to the gym until I almost passed out / threw up, I locked myself in the toilet & lay on the tiles to avoid fainting. This was because 1) I havnt been to the gym in almost 2 months.2) I significantly reduced my amount of daily calories before the work out. I should have eaten something not just had a shake.

Lunch: lettuce & carrot with cottage cheese & tinned tuna (flavoured).

Dinner: will be something to do with quinoa, but I have not decided what yet..

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